Even though dentures are a life-changing solution for people who have lost some or all of their teeth and have proven health and aesthetic benefits, there are still some common misconceptions about them.

We debunk six of the most common myths about dentures and explain just how beneficial these innovative products are.

People can see when you’re wearing dentures

Dentures are carefully made by our professionals to resemble your natural teeth as closely as possible.  The false teeth are made from a variety of different materials in a range of different colours, sizes and shapes so that your new smile looks natural, plus the base of the dentures is carefully matched to the colour of your gums to ensure a seamless transition between gum and dentures.  Our dental professionals will also carefully position the false teeth during fitting to ensure a natural look.

Dentures are for old people

Even though teeth are incredibly strong, they aren’t indestructible.  They will suffer from wear and tear as time goes by and people age.  However, it’s not uncommon for younger people to experience tooth loss as a result of tooth decay, illness and injury which may require them to wear dentures or partial dentures.   In the past, traditional dentures made some people look older because the were set too far back, creating sunken cheeks but modern dentures are much more cosmetically appealing and will support your features, even making you look younger!

It’s difficult to eat or speak while wearing dentures

During the early stages of wearing new dentures, it’s perfectly normal to experience some readjustments with speech and eating.  During this settling-in period (which may take a few weeks), people may need to learn where to put their tongues, work out how to manage saliva and practice pronunciation of some words, but the good news is that this is temporary.  Once people get used to wearing dentures, speech and eating become second nature.

Dentures are only necessary for eating

There are plenty of misconceptions around dentures and eating – one of which is that dentures are only for meal times.  Yes, dentures help you eat and you don’t have to restrict your diet to soft foods, but they serve other important purposes too.   In addition to improved nutrition (you get to enjoy more of your favourite foods too!), dentures also protect your gums and protect any remaining teeth, can help with speech issues and will benefit your health and your appearance.  In fact, many people choose to wear dentures because they lead to greater self-esteem and self-confidence, particularly in social situations.

Dentures last forever

High quality, well-made and professionally fitted dentures should last a long time – provided they are well cared-for, of course.  However, our mouths do change shape over time and sore spots can develop if dentures become loose as a result of any bone loss or shrinkage.  It’s really important to schedule regular check-ups so that the dentist can make sure that the dentures are fitted correctly and check your overall oral health.  Sometimes, it’s possible for the dentist to alter your false teeth to improve the fit, but please don’t attempt this yourself as you will risk causing permanent damage.

All dentures are the same

Not all dentures are the same. It’s really important to choose high quality products that are expertly made and professionally fitted to look good and last longer.

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