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Discount Dentures have a denture reline service at our Joondalup clinic.

What is a Reline and why is it so important?

When teeth are missing, it is normal for the shape of the gums and bone supporting the teeth to gradually change over time. This is a natural part of the process and is caused simply by ageing.

This means that the dentures which once fit well can become loose and awkward over time, you may find that you are starting to get food stuck under your plate.

An ill-fitting Denture will bang and rub on the gums, irritating and damaging them and causing bone to shrink away even faster.

When this happens, we place an inner lining in the denture, called a ‘reline’ to restore the fit of your dentures. So the denture itself essentially does not change the teeth and the look are not modified in any way, we simply apply a new fitting surface to the plate.

Relines can be made in both hard and soft liners. Having a reline restores the optimal fit of the Denture. It is important to have your dentures relined to ensure that they fit snuggly, don’t become uncomfortable and cause more gum loss or damage. It is recommended by the ADA, Australian Dental Association and the ADPA Australian Dental Prosthetist Association to have a reline every two to three years.

Relines are convenient too – our same day service means that if you drop your dentures off in the morning, you’ll have them back the same day, relined and fitting well once again. If you prefer you can drop them off late in the afternoon and collect them the following day. Choose to leave them for a few hours, overnight or the same day it’s entirely up to what works for you!

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