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Discount Dentures is specifically tailored to meet the varying needs of those who require dentures.

Specialising in dentures in Perth & Joondalup, our dental team is committed to providing you with an excellent standard of dental care. Whether you are seeking a routine check up with our dentist in Joondalup, emergency dentures, new dentures, denture repairs, tooth whitening or a smile makeover, Discount Dentures,  formerly known as Bitewise, offer a comprehensive range of services to accommodate your dental needs.


Denture Services

Full & partial dentures, immediate dentures & over dentures.

30-Minute Denture Repairs

Instant denture repairs available 24/7.

Emergency Dentures

Replacement for your lost or broken dentures within a few days.

Denture Relines

Restore the fit of your dentures.

Dental Services

Regular dental checkups for you and your family.

Perks and Privileges

Exclusive senior discounts & bonuses, free cleaning, oral health checks & more.

Exclusive Senior Discounts


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Senior Bonuses

Free Laboratory Clean

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